Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Doomtree promises at least one excellent solo release per year from one of the collective. 2008 gave Cecil Otter's Rebel Yellow. 2009 brought P.O.S. and Never Better to stardom. 2010 featured Dessa's A Badly Broken Code. Now, 2011 brings a release as good if not better than the above with Sims' Bad Time Zoo. Sims proves himself as possibly the best overall rapper of the collective, blowing through his lyrics, barely stopping to take a breath between phrases at his best. Lazerbeak shows off his top notch production skills, supporting Sims with schizophrenic beats and a full on horn section, while also sprinkling in drum beats. Doomtree's signature punk infused hip-hop has stayed fairly underground, even though excellent records are released one after another. Sims latest release could become the collective's flagship album, and should finally push the group to stardom. You can stream and purchase the band on Bandcamp here.

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