Sunday, February 13, 2011

Every Atlas

In 2008, Alex Periera, started Every Atlas as way to express his love, hate and creativity of his own interests. Periera was recently joined by Dustin Andrews. Both Andrews and Periera were in, the now separated band, Waking Constance. Within two years the band released two full length albums and an EP. The dual vocals are harmonious and folk inspired, similar to those of Conor Oberst, with a diverse musical background. The music has a southern influence that can easily be mistaken for an old folk or country song from years ago. The bluesy, folk guitar sound is calming and quite uplifting, making Every Atlas an easy listen. Our generation thrives on fresh, new sounds and Every Atlas offers just that to this genre. The lyrics are something completely different than we’re used to. Forget love, loss and heart break, these lyrics are about life and every day living. “Your eyes hold stories that trapped away the history. Your ears, they’ve heard such things that very few men have heard” from “Brother” suggest that someone has experienced more than one man should. The lyrics are real and are a break from the same old boring love songs. Listen to the band’s latest full length here.


  1. this is one of my favorite bands, if you haven't heard them before, go find them out, you'll be glad you did