Saturday, February 12, 2011

Runaway Brother

It almost seems like bands have been catering to me lately. I've been a fan of the catchy pop-rock with honest, relatable lyrics that bands such as You, Me, And Everyone We Know and Farewell Fighter. Runaway Brother is another band that definitely resembles those other two groups. Though the vocals are a bit gruff, it is easy to hear the passion behind the words. The band's lyrics are definitely a strong point, as they resemble well thought out diary entries or poems. Excellent one liners are spread throughout the songs, including highlights "So I'll skip the foreplay, ask you out today" in "Breakfast!?", "We're on the same page, but I read backwards" in "Stubborn", and "But I don't hold on to the past... wait I lie. This song is proof." in "Get It Started". As a group of only two people, Runaway Brother shows excellent potential that could possibly expand with a larger creative force behind the band. Their debut EP, Mr. Saturn, can be heard and downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

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