Friday, April 27, 2012

Artist Of The Day: The Sun And The Sea

The Graduate has long been a favorite of mine. So, when they announced that they were breaking up back in July of last year, I was heartbroken, mostly due to their immense potential that they began fulfilling on Only Every Time. But, while lead singer and lyricist Corey Warning moved on to other things, the other four members teamed up with vocalist Chris Rhein to start The Sun And The Sea. The band's first EP, Nightfalls, is a continuation of Only Every Time, as the band's ambient alternative rock sound is as strong as ever. While not having Warning's immensely powerful vocal range, Rhein still has a rather similar voice and can easily be a replacement for the instrumentalists' former band. You can stream and purchase the entire The Sun And The Sea EP on Bandcamp, and look forward to an interview with the band and more in the upcoming weeks.

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