Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview With The American Dollar

The American Dollar released a fantastic new record, Awake In The City, at the end of March. Even while weighted down with touring and looking towards the future, they were kind enough to answer some questions for MuzikDizcovery about the album and the band.

1) What was the inspiration behind The American Dollar?

We were looking to create a new meaningful music project; it started in the living room of John's old apartment with Rich on keyboard and John doing sound manipulation on a Kaos pad. 

2) What kinds of musical artists inspire the music of your band?

We have a wide range of inspirations from modern classical to idm. Artists like Nils Frahm, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus and Radiohead all inspire us.

3) Do you record most of your music independently, or do you work with any studios or producers?

It is all recorded independently ourselves and produced by Rich. It has always been created in a small bedroom.

4) What do you feel sets The American Dollar apart from bands in post-rock or instrumental music?

I feel that we have a wider range of sounds from song to song than most bands that are considered to be post-rock.

5) There are a lot of cool effects on Awake in the City. Which of these do you think was your favorite?
Which do you feel was the most important to the record?

The one we enjoyed the most was the vinyl slow down effect on the track 'Faces in the Haze'. Took a while to get just right, but it was worth it.

6) Do you have a favorite song on the new album?

I think 'Faces in the Haze' is probably out favorite. Also perhaps 'As We Float'.

7) Was there anything you were trying to accomplish or convey to the listener with this album?

We tried to make the album as concise and to the point as possible.

8)What do you think is your favorite American Dollar record?

Each album as a special place with us, hard to really choose a favorite.

9) I notice a creative connection with the album art and the title of the album. Is the music inspired by
city life as well?

Yes, we tried to capture the energy and aliveness of the concept of the city on this album. We had the title first, then found the awesome artwork that accompanied the title and feel of the record.

10) What does the future hold for The American Dollar and fans?

More album making and touring should be in the cards.

11) Why do you think people should listen to The American Dollar?

Hopefully to relax and get away from the world for a little while.

Thanks again to The American Dollar for a fantastic record and for taking the time to talk to us. Keep an eye out for them if you live on the west coast, and look forward to whatever comes from these fantastic guys in the future.

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