Monday, April 2, 2012

New Muzik Monday: April 2, 2012

March may have been a slow month for music, but here are three standout 2012 hardcore and punk albums that you shouldn't miss, as well as a brief preview of Daytrader's new album due to be released on May 8.

Pentimento/Young English – Split

This is a very exciting release for these two young NY emotional punk bands.  Both Pentimento’s Wrecked, and Young English’s I Hate My Friends showed promise, but left room for improvement in the future.  Simply calling the four new respective tracks from each band an “improvement” would be an understatement, and a rather large one at that.  The songwriting maturity featured on each half of the split is unrivaled by other bands in the genre.  Each side is littered with unforgettable moments, like the melodic “breakdown” (if you will), in “No Apology,” and the infectious hook in “So Long, Connecticut.”  
Rise and Fall – Faith

Stellar releases like Loma Prieta’s I.V. and Narrows’ Painted have made Jacob Bannon’s label, Deathwish, a hot topic of conversation this year within the hardcore scene.  Rise and Fall’s latest release, Faith, is just more evidence of the label’s diversity and overall quality.  Relentless at times and groovy at others, Faith demonstrates a perfect balance of speed and tastefulness.  For a punishing hardcore perspective on humanity’s incessant woes and struggles, look no further. 

Daytrader –Twelve Years

Though not due to be out for another month, Daytrader’s Twelve Years is sure to be one of 2012’s “must hears.”  The New York band, comprised of ex-Crime in Stereo members, rejuvenated pop punk last year with their release of the Last Days of Rome EP, and expectations (and skepticism) only grew upon word of their signing to Rise Records.  “Firebreather,” a track taken from the upcoming album, was released last week, exhibiting a mature and polished sound, as well as the band’s affinity for strong lyricism.  The song hints at a very logical progression in sound from each of Daytrader’s previous releases, and if the rest of the album follows suit, Twelve Years will truly be an exciting release. 

Old Wounds – Old Wounds EP

Complete with an outrageous (-ly awesome) cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” Old Wound’s latest EP is another solid addition to their discography.  Changes such as muddled production and sludgy, chaotic riffs make this release grittier and darker sounding than Terror Eyes.  Additionally, many of the guttural screams have been replaced with shrieks and yells, giving the EP a “punkier” vibe.  Although only three tracks in total, the two originals on the EP are arguably the band’s best work to date and will undoubtedly leave the listener wanting more heavy, crusty goodness from Old Wounds.

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