Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artist Of The Day: This Providence

This Providence has finally returned to the game. It's been two years since they've toured and three years since they've released new music, but the This Providence camp is finally starting to heat up again. When Tonight Alive and There For Tomorrow decided to drop off Go Radio's Lucky Street Tour, This Providence finally decided to come out of their touring hiatus.

Who Are You Now? was an absolutely fantastic album, with vocalist Dan Young's unique accent leading way for pop rock gold. Songs like "Letdown" and "Waste Myself" are contagiously catchy, and Fueled By Ramen really dropped the ball by not promoting those songs further. Now, after two years and two rejected albums, Fueled By Ramen made the crucial mistake of dropping This Providence from the label. This Providence is now going the independent route for their new record, and is finally releasing a new EP next month. From what's been played at their recent shows, the new stuff contains a stronger rock edge, and it will definitely be worth hearing how these songs end up recorded.

You can see videos of three of the new songs here, here, and here, and you can also follow the band on Facebook here. Also, expect a show review of their 4/4 show with Go Radio up in the coming week or so.

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