Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artist of the Day: I Can See Mountains

As personal experience will foretell, namely an evening about two weeks back that involved far too much Canadian whiskey and a particularly dank local basement, I Can See Mountains find their niche in the betwixt and between of a backpack full of beer and the "nobody will notice that I'm leaning against this wall as to not fall over," moment at your favorite local punk show.  Hope You Never Get It, their seven track release from earlier this year, preserves the magic of that time and place, best friends and ample booze included.  Making the most out of explosive singalongs ('Hey Man', 'Tournesol') and the obligatory angst-laden pop-punk ballads to accompany them ('I'm Really Going To Miss This Place'), I Can See Mountains bottle that uproarious basement show cacophony and stale beer smell into sonic form with every pulse-pounding track.  Hope You Never Get It stands as yet another reminder to make the most of the fact that you're only young once, doing so with songs that ring true of those endless college nights rather than a particularly obnoxious four-letter acronym.  Live loud and regret not what you won't remember - in the meantime, listen to I Can See Mountains.

Hear tracks from Hope You Never Get It on their Bandcamp.

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