Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artist of The Day: Yes Nice

When I listen to Yes Nice's 2010 album Blindfolded, I think it is everything that popular music should be. It is catchy without being cliche, it is fun without being outlandish, it is experimental without being exhausting, it is spiritual without being preachy, it is indie without being pretentious, and Blindfolded flows together without ever really sounding forced. It is an album that would turn the radio into something other than a punchline and would take off the "blindfolds" and earmuffs from radio listeners and let them see and listen to some new quality music they would enjoy.

The album also has a little something for just about everyone. The opening song "Empty Space" is a song that has the energy of Rogue Wave's "Lake Michigan" combined with the pop feel of Fun.'s "We Are Young," "Water Wine" has the sound of an old "Classical Era" gospel type of composition, "Only Cause You Can't" sounds like a three minute combination of Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, and Bob Dylan and somehow doesn't sound that crazy or forced, "and the whale" has the atmospheric and ghostly feel of something off Dark Side of The Moon combined with something off of Magnet's last album, "Your Name" is the albums acoustic folky ballad that seems like a beautiful combination of Radiohead's "Give Up The Ghost" and some soft song off a Bruce Springsteen album, "Ghost or a Knife" is the albums scary song yet it is still breathtakingly beautiful, and "Horses" sounds like the albums "victory anthem."

Blindfolded blindsides the listener with its excellent instrumentation, impeccable musicianship, instant catchiness, atmospheric beauty, meaningful lyrics, and its many influences. Blindfolded might not be the perfect album for one radio station because it might be the perfect album for just about every radio station. What we can say though is that it is definitely an album worth listening to.


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