Friday, April 20, 2012

Artist of the Day: Trickster Fox

If any of ou fine readers have even read one tenth of my posts, you've probably realized my undying love for female lead folk projects.  I'll admit it, it's an obsession.  Something about the lovely, dulcet tones of the female voice paired with the plucky and soulful guitar just gets me every time.  That's why I really dig Trickster Fox.  That, and it's produced by none other than Jerry Jones of Trophy Scars fame.  Interested?  You should be.

Trickster Fox is an peculiar entity.  Under the guise of the aformentioned musical facade, the band first appears like a light, folky album with some wonderful female vocals.  However, digging deeper, one realizes that there is a lot more than that.  The band's debut album, The Misadventures Of, Vol. I, is a rocking, bluesy, folksy, and-every-adjective-in between type of record; a very vivacious work of music that should really put Trickster Fox on the map.  You can hear flashes of Jones' influence here and there (who is complaining) which gives the record even more flavor.

Here we have a band that deserves to be as big as its debut record--make it happen!

Bandcamp--stream "Mr. Crook" here


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