Sunday, April 8, 2012

Artist of the Day: Fredrik

If all things were right in this world, Fredrik would be a household name by now. But things aren't all right, so Fredik's bizarre style of dark indie-electronic goes unnoticed by most. After a slightly shaky debut both Trilogi, a collection of past EPs, and Flora have been near perfect examples of experimental, but at the same time easy listening, music. Effortlessly charismatic and infectious, they offer up some of the most memorable songs to have ever graced this writer's ears; including "Ner," a piece that dazzles the listener with an array of subtle, glitchy effects and haunting instrumentation, and "Rites of Spring," a comparatively fast-paced re-imagining of an anthematic dance song - only softer and slightly ethereal. Fredrik is absolutely essential for anyone willing to be charmed into liking something just a little bit odd, yet entirely brilliant.

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