Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artist of The Day: Oberhofer

The Internet era is weird because you can get famous without actually having a talent. The guy who thinks Dr. Dre was his knee surgeon is suddenly the guy making rap songs and new beats using something like Mixcraft, the Grandma who had a few funny racist jokes is suddenly a run away sensation on Twitter, and the woman who had a sex tape with a third rate rapper can get a reality show about her entire family! We live in a world where it is pointless to buy lottery tickets because you could get rich just by having a dog who has a bark that sounds like Morgan Freeman! In a world of recessions, unemployment, and general unhappiness it is quite ironic that happiness and riches could just be a click away. What we end up having is a brutal combination of hope, depression, and fascination.

So basically people are either inspired by this era, fascinated by it, or angry or depressed by it. Time Capsules II is a ten song "time capsule" that perfectly defines all three reactions to the "Internet era." It has songs that fascinate you, songs that depress you, songs that are angry, and songs that make you hopeful. It has songs that are hard rocking and almost sound metal, it has songs that are soft and sound like they should be on an album like Bloom, it has songs that are really atmospheric and sound like some b-sides from one of Animal Collective's early albums, it has songs that are catchy enough to be on the radio and songs that are experimental, and it has songs that sound like "America" and songs that sound like anything but America. It is an album for anyone who has ever had hope that there video might make it big, anyone who has ever blocked the E! channel because they were so disgusted by the sheer sight of a Girl Next Door, it is an album for everyone who has wanted something they knew they couldn't have. It is an album of grunge, post rock, punk, electronica, and indie songs that give us hope and DESPAIR in a world of recessions, unemployment, and "one click" happiness.


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