Monday, April 9, 2012

Artist of the Day: Black Swan

Always on the look out for the dark and bizarre, I often find myself drawn to music like the kind Black Swan produces.  The last two albums released by the project have been confounding and eerie excursions into the world of dark ambient; terrifying, albeit beautiful in some way or another.  His latest, Aeterna, was released last week and follows the logical progression that has been displayed thus far.  Full of hollow atmosphere and the encroaching unknown, the album is Black Swan at the height of his creative prowess.  Much like The Quiet Divide before it, Aeterna features a more fleshed out ambient core, with little flourishes of electronics and such to add a bit of something else.  But the crux is truly in the form of that lush, beautiful emptiness.  While other ambient artists try to warm up their sounds with big, undulating timbre, Black Swan strips his music bare.  It's dark, empty, but in a strange way, so full of life.  For those who wish to brave the musical unknown, pick up any of Black Swan's excellent albums.  Trust me, this isn't a trip you return from, and that's precisly how it should be.

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