Saturday, April 21, 2012

Artist of the Day: State Lines

State Lines are no longer Long Island’s best kept secret.  Since last year’s release of Hoffman Manor, the band has been receiving praise from highly-reputable sources such as Alternative Press,, and, being compared to acts such as Tigers Jaw, Brand New, and Saves the Day.  Calling State Lines a band with “potential” would be a severe understatement, as their debut record achieved a level of maturity that most groups require an entire career to reach.  What truly sets the band apart from other pop punk/indie contemporaries is their ability to write fantastically catchy, hook-laden music while still avoiding the clichés so often found within the genre.  Having just signed to Tiny Engines and with release of their self-titled EP around the corner, 2012 will likely mark the most exciting year of the band’s career thus far, not to mention the fact that State Lines will also be embarking on a fairly expansive US tour this summer with MA’s The Hotel Year.

The self-titled 7”, which is set to be released on May 29, features four new tracks, two of which can be streamed here and here

Download Hoffman Manor for free on State Lines’ Bandcamp.

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