Friday, April 6, 2012

Artist of the Day: Brightside

Through the many highly anticipated but otherwise disappointing releases of the past few years, I'm always reminded of the importance of supporting a local scene.  A decent local scene, if nothing else, restores the faith in music that a handful of recent albums has challenged.  Enter a band like Brightside.  Comprised of four impassioned Pittsburgh kids, Brightside is exactly the sort of band that makes a local show a magical place to be.  With two releases under their belt so far, full-length Good Enough and more recent EP Can I Pet Your Dog? Cause I'm Gonna, Brightside conjoin the accessibility of pop-punk and the heartthrob of 90's emo to create a truly memorable sound.  Basically, you're a damn fool if you aren't yelling along to 'Coffee and Pie, oh my!' by the second listen.  Check out Brightside, grab some deucers, text your pals, and head on down to wherever the live music is playing - if your ears aren't still ringing in the morning, you need to consider living more loudly. 

Stream all of Brightside's jams over on their Bandcamp, and toss 'em a like on Facebook.

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