Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Album Review: pg.lost - Key

Album Rating: B
Oh pg. lost, the ever forgot child of the post-rock genre; always slipping under the radar with music so unassuming that it is almost painful.  A bad band?  No, not in the least.  A forgettful band?  Yes, most certainly.  You see, pg.lost jumped on that bandwagon that has since taken a toll on the genre.  You know, the twinkly, crescendo lade post-rock that reared its head around ever corner.  The very same bandwagon that allowed reviewers and music fans to attach "RIYL: Explosions in the Sky" and the ilk.  Well, that's pg. lost in a nutshell. But I digress.

Key, the band's latest attempt at relevancy is actually a big, big step in the right direction.  It's still the same band, but tweaked to the point where some ideas truly feel inspired without feeling too inspired.  What stands out more than anything is its focus on drama, rather than contrived attempts at profound musical eruptions.  Builds lack subtlety, but in a way that's even more evocative.  Instead of loopy, twinkly guitars playing softly for four or five minutes, songs like "Terrain" feature groovy, rocking lines that just never let up.  It's fascinating, especially considering how tired the formula of build-explode-repeat has become.

One could divulge into the most minute of details in regards to how well pg.lost sound as a band, but the real focus of Key is songwrting.  And as mentioned above, the boys have come a long way in making interesting pieces to flesh out their album.  The band's third album is devoid of filler--every moment feels vital.  From the heavy, dense passages, to the dynamic bursts of intensity, Key is full of memorable moments that one will want to revisit often.

Okay, okay pg.lost, as a once jaded detractor, I am now listening--listening and sincerely impressed.  Key is as exciting a post-rock album as any other this year.  There is so much to hear that one cannot simply listen once.  This is truly a thoughtfully put together album that fans of the genre need to hear.


Track List:

1. Spirits Stampede
2. Vultures
3. Terrain
4. Sheaves
5. I Am A Destroyer
6. Gathering
7. Weaver

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