Sunday, December 26, 2010

Albums Of The Year 2010 #7: The Graduate - Only Every Time

For some bands, there are replaceable members. For The Graduate, every member is extremely important, and Only Every Time would not nearly be as good as it is without every single member living up to their potential. Between the excellent rhythm section, the extremely technical guitars creating the atmospheric feel throughout the album, and the lead vocals supported by excellent harmonies, the band's pieces go together perfectly. Tracks like the upbeat "Siren" can combine atmospheric guitars with the lower pitched and heavier guitars to create a siren sounding effect. Ballad "Pull Me In" has perhaps the best harmonies and probably the catchiest chorus throughout the entire superb album. "Choke" has vocalist Corey Warning showing off his extraordinary range, proving that he is a naturally gifted vocalist. But the individual songs aren't important, as there really is not any single standout song, instead there is an extremely strong cohesive product. Just like the members of the band, when put together, the album becomes something special. Check out The Graduate on Myspace here.

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