Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You?

Hellogoodbye is a band that should be on everyone's "biggest improvement of the year" list. The band, known in the mainstream for their autotuned electro-pop hit "Here (In Your Arms)", has made an enormous leap in the caliber of the music that the band is putting out. Would It Kill You ditches the autotune and much of the blatant electro influences and creates one of the most fun pop albums of the year. The band shows much musical maturation with both song structure and the musicianship within the songs. Instrumentation is much more varied than before, perfectly shown in "Betrayed By Bones". The band's lyrical content has also improved. Although this album doesn't have a mainstream hit the caliber of "Here (In Your Arms)", their musical improvement has brought respect to the band throughout the music community, and Would It Kill You is an album worth checking out. The band's Myspace page can be viewed right here.

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