Sunday, December 19, 2010

Albums Of The Year 2010: Honorable Mentions (V)

Here are two albums that were just on the verge of getting into my top ten of the year. This will be the last post of my favorite pop albums for now, as the last two will be on my top ten list. I will link the entire pop list here when I have it all compiled into one post.

Cee-Lo Green - The Lady Killer

We may as well deem Cee-Lo Green the king of the radio single. He had already had one major hit as part of Gnarls Barkley ("Crazy") that went double platinum and was named Rolling Stones #1 song of the decade. He has already created some competition for his best song with the megahit "Fuck You", that had two million listens on Youtube a week into its existence and has been nominated for five Grammys. Everyone knows that song, but "Fuck You" isn't the only gem on the album, one of the best R&B and soul influenced pop albums of the year.  "Bright Lights Big City" is the perfect club dance song with bass beats along with a great synth line and an extremely catchy chorus. "Bodies" combines dark imagery and a drumline style snare section enhancing Cee-Lo's unique vocals. "I Want You" is another unique arrangement, with what almost seems like a full orchestra enhancing the song. The whole album is meant to be checked as a whole, so go get it now. Singles aren't everything.

Marianas Trench - Masterpiece

How don't us Americans know about this album? Or even this band? Marianas Trench has been huge in Canada for a few years, winning several awards from the Independent Music Awards and the Western Canadian Music Awards and charting at #4 on the Canadian Album Chart. What other bands are out there that we are missing? Who knows, but for now, let's appreciate Marianas Trench. Opener "Masterpiece Theatre I" contains one of the best harmonies all year while also highlighting lead singer Josh Ramsay's own vocals throughout the song. "Cross My Heart" is a song that's finally getting some airplay here in the US for good reason, as it is possibly the most radio friendly song on the album with not one, but several incredible hooks. "Acadia" shows the band at its best with excellent instrumentals, superb vocals, and even more outstanding hooks. Just download the whole album now, as Marianas Trench should be dominating the airwaves in the US soon.

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