Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interview With Bright And Early

Bright and Early is one of the great up-and-coming pop-punk bands of the scene today. Releasing one of the best EP's of the year, Bright and Early is in the studio working on a new EP, out early in 2011. Singer John Browne agreed to do an interview with us, talking about recording, touring, and reaction to the EP. Check it out after the jump.

Something Personal was probably the first time people have heard of you guys. How do you feel the reaction to it was?

Is! It's still new to a lot of people. I feel like it keeps spreading around. We're a tiny band but we constantly get new fans, and new people hating on us everyday. All Time Low's fanclub has sent us death threats and harasses us on youtube. For the most part, I like the reaction.

How do you think influenced the rise of the band after getting a huge news post about the release of "Something Personal" and the constant updates on the band?

I'd say that they're the initial spark that helped us create a presence in the music scene. Their support has been extremely helpful. Everything and anything helps.

About Something Personal, are your views still the same as they were in the song?

Yup. haha. But honestly, I am really tired of hearing about this song. I was just talking a little shit. It's just a fun song with a good tempo. It fits us perfectly. If people are turned off by that, I'd say that they need to learn how to laugh. We all have a good time with what we do.

What song would you tell someone who has never heard of you to listen to?

I guess I'd tell them to listen to A Wasted Life. I just like the excitement of that song.

You guys are recording with Doug of The Sleeping and Brad from Sainthood Reps. How is it going?

It's a lot of fun. We're doing it in a basement of Brad's mom's house. She makes us coffee and snacks. She's really nice. The recording sounds great too. I can't wait to hear the finished result. Doug did some guest vocals on one of the songs! Ben and Pete sang on the recording as well. It's pretty raw. It was "unreal." In all seriousness, it was a nightmare. Doug kept touching Pete in weird ways. He made us address him as El Guapo. They kept us all locked in a closet until it was our turn to record. They said it would add more "angst" to the sound of the recording. Brad kept tossing rose pedals everywhere because he said he liked the way that they smell. Then he would beat us because it would help him relax behind the mixing board. We were willing to do whatever it takes to make the best recording possible.

What's been your favorite part about the recording process?

Vocal sessions. I just love recording vocals. It's when the recording starts to sound close to finished and you can really hear what you've done.

Any working titles for songs or the release name?

Yes and no. And maybe.

If you were making a concept album of any concept, what would you base it off of?

I wanted to write an epic concept album based on the book, Survivor, by Chuck Palahniuk. I'm a big R Kelly fan and I love how he did that little dvd series for Trapped in the Closet. If you could apply that to an album not bound by "songs" and pop structures, you'd be getting back into the days of Pink Floyd and Queen. Concept albums have to blow minds or else you will be branded a tool. I won't be attempting to make any concept albums until I am good and ready. If ever...

What separates you guys from other bands?

Nothing really. I mean...we're dudes. We play instruments. We wear clothes. We eat, sleep, and shit. Other than that, maybe our collective values, and our love for Christopher Walkin. We do really care about the sound and the excitement of our live show. We feel that more people would come out to shows if bands would just learn out how to GET IT. Shows have become fake and boring. People can sit around, make the best of shit, and try to stay positive, but I think things need to change for the better. We just do our best to provide a good experience when seeing our band. Rock bands should rock.

If you could choose one band to reunite, which would it be and why?

Midtown. Just because man. Come on. And I'd want them to play Save the World Lose the Girl, and Living Well, front to back.

Finally, if you could choose any band to cover one of your songs, who would it be and why?

I would want Linkin Park to do it so I could make some damn money and maybe be able to afford to live. haha.

Bright and Early is a band definitely worth listening to, as their EP Louder Than Words made it onto my favorite of the year. Definitely give the band some love at their Myspace here.