Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I the Mighty - "Cutting Room Floor"

I'd like to welcome Jeff to the mix of posting. Jeff has quite a solid taste that he will be sharing with you guys. We are planning on expanding soon, with quite a few great things to come. Keep checking in often.

I the Mighty, a four-piece rock band from Fremont, CA just released their new single yesterday (12/28/10) entitled "Cutting Room Floor" on their Facebook page. I the Mighty garnered notice after releasing their Hearts and Spades EP (at left) earlier this year, a five-song release akin to what a mixture of Say Anything, Envy on the Coast, and The Receiving End of Sirens might sound like. With "Cutting Room Floor," the band develops their sound into something more technical, strongly playing up The Receiving End of Sirens aspect of their music and diminishing the Say Anything part. The verses bring to mind Circa Survive's Blue Sky Noise, as playful guitar lines complement frontman Brent Walsh's smooth, rich vocals. Yet once the chorus kicks in, Walsh hits his upper register singing, "Why don't you leave/just leave," emphasizing the "just" with an emotive wail, in stark contrast to his smooth lower register in the first verse. However, the highlight of this song is the latter-half of the second verse, which utilizes overlapping vocal melodies, and the bridge, featuring beautiful falsetto harmonies leading into a time signature change with a jumpy clean guitar riff. The lyrics are one of the other strong points of the song. Those who listened to Hearts and Spades know that I the Mighty are a poetic group. "Cutting Room Floor" details political corruption, asking "If hell broke out in the White House/How long would it take for word to carry here?" With another EP expected in spring 2011, I the Mighty are a band to keep an eye on. Don't be surprised if they blow up in 2011. Listen to the song on Facebook here.

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