Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Albums Of The Year 2010 #5: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

Circa Survive is the band of the year. Two exceptional releases on a major label, several magazine covers, and having one of the most beloved vocalists of the year can do that for a band. Blue Sky Noise is the apex of Circa's career so far, with some of the best songs the band has ever done while still being their most accessible. Had the first half of the album been released as an EP, it would have been possibly the best EP of all time, as Circa continuously blows a listener away. "Get Out" is the most aggressive song the band has released, as vocalist Anthony Green screams and cries at almost an impossible register as you can feel him screaming at his own mind, begging for mercy. "Glass Arrows" shows Circa at their most technical and atmospheric, with excellent instrumentals and an odd time signature that almost seems normal for the band. "I Felt Free" shows that Circa can make an absolutely stunning pop song and "Imaginary Enemy" could have dominated the alternative rock stations. The second half of the album is solid, but seems a lot worse when compared to the beautiful first half. However, songs like "Fever Dreams" and "Spirit Of The Stairwell" are still great in their own way. This album has been one of the best of the year from the first listen, and Circa has broken into many people's (including my own) list of favorite bands. This year however, Circa has no competition. Listen to Circa Survive on Myspace here.

Review for their latest release, the Appendage EP here.

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