Monday, December 6, 2010

Record Labels, Talent, and Popularity

I need to make something clear. Someone brought up a point in the comments on the Decoder post that I just need to make sure everyone knows.

Tyler said...

New Attack Attack isn't that good personally, but how can you say these bands have no talent when rise records sponsors them. If they had no talent wouldn't they not be sponsored? And the new attack attack screamer has no talent though not going to lie.

Record labels don't care about talent. They care about record sales. And if kids will eat up talentless bands, they will sign them. Just look at Abandon All Ships. There is not one bit of unautotuned clean vocals in any of the band's songs. It's generic scenecore to the max, and that's all it is. For another example, just think about most top 40 artists, in particular artists such as Ke$ha. Does she actually play an instrument, or have any vocal skills whatsoever? Does she write meaningful lyrics? Maybe to the class slut, but mostly, no. All this long post says is that TALENT DOES NOT EQUAL SUCCESS. That is what's happened to the music scene these days. I'm sure I've met plenty of people, even in my own school, that are probably more talented than the people on top 40 radio. But they either don't have the money, the exposure, or the image. That's what you need to be a successful artist these days.

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