Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Five Warped Bands Announced

Warped Tour is announcing their bands a little bit differently this year. Every week from now until late March they will be announcing about five bands a week, with the main stage bands coming last. The first five announced are Every Avenue, Go Radio, Dance Gavin Dance, We Came As Romans, and The Word Alive. Every Avenue is extremely solid pop-rock in the All Time Low vein, and will be releasing their third record around that time. Go Radio includes Jason Lancaster, ex singer of Mayday Parade, and creates music as good if not better than Mayday Parade's A Lesson In Romantics. DanceGavinDance is intriguing due to the return of one of my favorite singers, Jonny Craig, back to the band. However, after seeing him with Emarosa last year I do not have any intention of wanting to see him. We Came As Romans and The World Alive are basically generic metalcore (WCAR with synth/autotune). The first five bands are solid, as I would see Every Avenue and Go Radio, though I'm hoping for some can't miss bands later on.

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