Friday, December 3, 2010

Boys Night Out - Trainwreck

I have a soft spot for albums that tell a story. Razia's Shadow (which I'm expecting a post for soon), The Deer Hunter's Act I-III, etc. Trainwreck is in the running for my favorite. As a quick synopsis, the album tells the story of a man who kills his wife in his sleep, and is sent to a mental institution. Who could think of such an insane story? Boys Night Out did, and they made an entire 52 minute album about it combining early 2000's pop-punk and post-hardcore. The music isn't life changing, but is extremely solid, especially when placed with the lyrics. The band knows how to express their character's emotions through the sounds of the instruments. And the story is still captivating. Boys Night Out has broken up, but their other albums still did not get close to this classic. But seriously, check the band out just for the story. Only a couple of the songs from the album are on their myspace, so just buy the album.

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