Thursday, December 2, 2010


A little piece of me cried when Mae broke up. The Everglow was one of the first full albums I downloaded when I moved from liking individual songs to the full work of art a band produces. "We're So Far Away" is still probably the best piano-rock song I've heard. The whole album is just overall one of the most consistently great albums out there. Since the breakup was announced, I downloaded their entire catalog (minus their sub-par Singularity), including the different, but equally as great Destination: Beautiful. The vocals and songs may be a little less polished than The Everglow, but the songs are even more emotionally captivating, especially the incredible "Sun". The band also showed their intense dedication with their (m)orning/(a)fternoon/(e)vening project, donating much of the profits to charity. (e)vening had the band going out with some of their best material yet, including a 13 minute, three part instrumental piano piece. Mae just knows the formula for truly beautiful music. The band will definitely be missed, but their influence will live on. You can listen to and purchase Mae's tracks up for charity purposes on their site here.

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