Thursday, December 2, 2010

All The Right Moves - The Monster I've Become

Pop isn't bad. In fact, pop is very good. Imagine having to listen to complex songs with little or no hooks all the time. Might get boring after a while, wouldn't it? For that reason, All The Right Moves is around. The Monster I've Become has stuck with me for months now, without getting old or seeming generic. Each song is a giant catchy hook of itself and there are barely any moments you won't be singing along. The band also goes the Yellowcard route by adding an electric violin. But biggest thing that separates them from most pop bands now are that they actually know how to diversify in their songwriting and to create strong lyrics. "You Always Bring Me Down" shows the band showing off their skills at harmonizing while "Hurricane" and "Learn To Love Again" are a piano ballad and acoustic track respectively. The title track also relates the album title to Jeckyl and Hyde. All The Right Moves has definitely put themselves on my radar with this release, separating themselves from all the myspace bands out there. You can check them out on myspace right here.

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