Monday, April 11, 2011

Voyage in Coma

Based in Washington D.C., Voyage in Coma mix elements of punk, post-rock, and screamo in a cohesive fashion. Identifying with "The Wave", the band has recorded two EP's since their formation in 2009: their debut, Cartography, and their upcoming release, You Appear Alongside Me (available for digital download). Despite a lineup change after Cartography, Voyage in Coma don't drastically depart from their original sound on You Appear Alongside Me, but instead naturally progress, incorporating more post-rock elements and less of the punk aspects of the debut.

New vocalist Steven Kroll is a worthy replacement for Joe Trevisan and his screams are showcased throughout the EP. Voyage in Coma really excel, however, when their instrumental excellence is showcased as well. For example, the conclusion of "The Valleys Fill with Lavender" is bombastic and noisy, placing Kroll's shrieks of "Brother!" lower in the mix, under layers of guitar, bass, and chaotic drumming. It's moments like these that elevate the EP above other releases in the genre. "Waiting in the Wings" is another standout track, beginning with a slow two-minute instrumental intro in which melancholy soaring lead guitar melodies build to a sudden tempo change. This results in one of the EP's more dramatic moments. Instances of musical mastery like the aforementioned prove Voyage in Coma's potential is astounding. If they continue to grow as a band, it's likely they will gain much more (deserved) recognition in the current screamo scene.

Bandcamp with Cartography available for free and You Appear Alongside Me available for $5

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