Saturday, April 16, 2011

Polaris At Noon - En Pointe

Don't like the black and white album art of Polaris At Noon's En Pointe fool you. The band is anything but dull. Formulated entirely by Jason Suwito,  the combination of synth and electronic loops is perfect for any sort of upbeat activity. From working out to dancing at a club, Polaris At Noon is perfect music for staying on your feet. "Red" layers grimy club beats with smooth keys, juxtaposing the two techniques to create a feverish and exciting mood. "On" contains hand claps and drum machine beats keeping rhythm, while Suwito guides the song with his confident, mainstream accessible vocals. Sadly, he unnecessarily drenches those vocals with effects in the verses of  "Far Away", though the irresistible chorus turns those emotionless verses into a distant memory. "Rain" is probably the most "club friendly" of the songs, as Suwito uses elements of dubstep and house in order to launch a club environment to the next level of electric. En Pointe can appeal to pretty much any fan of electro-pop, from the dub freaks, to the young female fans of mainstream pop, to even the hipster fans of Passion Pit or Starfucker. Polaris At Noon simply brings excitement and energy, any moment of any day. You can stream two tracks as well as find out other information about Polaris at Noon on his website here.

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