Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anyone who loves me knows that I'm a huge sports fan. So when I found this band Dikembe, it pleased me to see that the band seemed to be real basketball fans. I mean, with a band named after Dikembe Mutombo (which made it very difficult to find any information about the band) and an EP title named Chicago Bowls (Bulls) and song names "Scottie Spliffen", "Luc Bongley", "Michael Jordank", and "Tony Kukush", it becomes rather obvious. The weed puns intertwined with the basketball references only drew me in even more to hear what this band had in store. And in fact, they're excellent, reminding me of Tigers Jaw, Balance and Composure, or a lighter Title Fight. If you're a fan of anyone of these bands, or are just a sports fanatic like both me and the band, you can stream and download the album for free on the band's Bandcamp page here.

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  1. this kicks so much ass dude.. i'm a rapper, named Kembe X... my real name is Dikembe . And dude... THIS SHIT IS FUCKING AMAZING. SERIOUSLY.