Monday, April 18, 2011

American Dream Records Offer Ace Enders Contest

The drive to make change with an industry you've grown tired of is a completely useless motivator if you don't have the intentions of following through, and American Dream Records are a perfect example of changing musical industry cynicism into one's own goal: a record label that functions for those who actually love music. At least, that's American Dream Records' intended function, and with a tagline as strong and pragmatic as "By the people. For the people." one would hope they have every intention of following through. Focusing on vinyl releases, American Dream Records have already seen the release of The Graduate's Only Every Time and currently has plans to release The Lakes' The Agreement. More interesting, is the contest currently being held for the label's release of the  I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business album, Gold Rush. American Dream Records are offering any listener the chance to design new artwork and win a copy of the LP, as well as a guest list pass to a show. As someone who is an absolute sucker for artists getting intimately involved with listeners in ways such as this, it's safe to say that American Dream Records' patriotic approach to the music industry has caught my attention. As far as the contest goes, you can find the more technical details here.

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