Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meadower is a Detroit-based post-punk trio who recently released their first EP, 1994, an astoundingly mature first effort. Experimental song structures and excellent musicianship are prevalent throughout each of the six songs. "Jealous and Weaving", for example, contains verses written in a repeated pattern of three bars of 3/8 followed by a bar of 5/8. Unique time signatures like the aforementioned lend an unpredictable quality to the music which keeps the listener focused and entertained. Yet technicality doesn't come at the cost of catchiness in Meadower's case, as each track has, at least to some degree, a pop mentality. Because of this, fans of many different styles of music can appreciate Meadower's works. Another strength of the EP is its intelligent lyrics. Album opener "Family Tree" showcases this with the line "Trim the leaves off the family tree/Before we go". It's a sentiment left open to interpretation but the way the clever wordplay and flow of the line deem it one of the standout lyrics of the EP. Be on the lookout for a brand new 7" from Meadower and Cartographer in the near future. It should be great.

Bandcamp with 1994 available for purchase for $5

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