Friday, April 22, 2011

The Swellers Announce New Album

Fueled By Ramen used to be a pop-punk (or bands associated with the genre) paradise, but lately the label has suffered. The Cab lost the members that gave them their special edge, Forgive Durden decided to go to Broadway, and A Rocket To The Moon, The Academy Is, and VersaEmerge each had a massive disappointment with their last album. While we're waiting for new Paramore, fun., and This Providence albums, The Swellers will be the next Fueled By Ramen band to release an excellent album. Their debut for Fueled By Ramen, Ups and Downsizing, was a superb pop-punk release, leaning more towards the punk side with a melodic edge. "The Best I Ever Had" has all the aspects of a hit single, while still sticking to the band's punk roots. Good For Me will be released June 14th, and "The Best I Never Had" can be streamed here.

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