Friday, April 15, 2011

Transit - Promise Nothing 7" (Record Store Day Exclusive)

For vinyl collectors as well as music fans in general, Record Store Day is huge. It's the day where vinyl takes to the front of the music industry, and reignites those stores on their last breath. Transit is releasing a new 7" tomorrow titled Promise Nothing, and the two new tracks are an excellent addition to the Transit discography. "Take What You Can" sounds like it could be right off of Keep This To Yourself, with aggressive vocals and powerful instrumentation backed multiple times by shouts from the rest of the band. "I've Never Told That To Anyone" is extremely long by Transit standards, clocking in at 4:50, a whole minute and thirty seconds longer than any track on Keep This To Yourself. Twinkling guitars guide the slow ballad-like sections of the song, sandwiching a faster bridge. Many record collectors are planning to spend most of their savings on this special day tomorrow. Transit's contribution needs to be near, if not at the top of your purchase list. You can check out which stores are containing Record Store Day exclusives here.

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