Wednesday, April 20, 2011

R.I.P. You, Me, And Everyone We Know

I am sad to say that You, Me, and Everyone We Know has just announced an indefinite hiatus. Five of the six members of the band (all but Ben) announced that they were leaving the band, due to some undisclosed decisions that Ben had made. Ben's response said that he was working on staying sober, an issue may easily have been the breaking point of the band. I am absolutely heartbroken, as Some Things Don't Wash Out was easily one of the best records I heard last year. Also, not even two months ago I was sitting in Ben's van, giving one of my favorite interviews that I have done thus far. I wish Ben luck in his recovery, and the every one of the band members luck for whatever their future may be. You can read the announcement here. The band's last release will be Things Are Really Weird Right Now, first announced on this very site, out soon.

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  1. Just ouch man. Ymaewk helped me through high scool. They'll always be in my heart.