Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Constraints - Secret Destroyers


Constraints are an up-and-coming hardcore band from Ottawa, Ontario. Secret Destroyers is a three song demo, the follow-up to debut EP, Get It or Get Out. Released through indie hardcore label FWYS Records, Secret Destroyers is emotional and melodic, utilizing meaty guitar riffs and snarly screamed vocals.

How is it?

Pretty good. Though only about eight minutes in length, the demo feels like a complete work. The vocals are impressive throughout, alternating between an emotional hardcore style, evident in "Consumed", and a more typical bark, although higher in pitch than usually found in the genre, utilized in "Desperate Times". The musicality and instrumentation is pretty standard for the genre: punky riffs and hard-hitting drums. In this respect, Constraints aren't really a very unique band; they do, however, perform their style of music more than competently and with apparent ease. Yet Constraints has the talent to play more technically and creatively, proven by moments of intricacy on "Drawn Out" and especially on "Consumed", which almost has a screamo feel in places. If Constraints can push the boundaries of hardcore more (a mathier direction would be particularly refreshing), they'd be more than just a good band; they'd be a great one. But in the meantime, listeners have this solid demo to enjoy.

Bandcamp with Secret Destroyers available for purchase for $5
Download Get It or Get Out for free here

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