Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Appleseed Cast

It's been a winding road for The Appleseed Cast fans in recent years. What with their signing to Graveface Records and the release of the mostly instrumental Sagarmatha, their days of paying tribute to their original musical roots by performing a mixture of emo and post-rock elements must seem out of earshot and out of mind for most fans. Fear not, as any trepidation for Appleseed Cast's evolution has been voided with the release of Middle States. Their newest EP on Graveface Records, Middle States is a perfect blend for someone like me who was not completely dissatisfied with Sagarmatha, but was left wishing for more presence from vocalist Chris Crisci and his unique contributions to the band's sound. But where their last release left a hole in my heart and their future left me pondering their direction, the aptly named Middle States fits perfectly. The EP fills the gap between their past musical niche and their continued trek down the roads of post-rock, containing everything from the emotional wisps of Crisci's distant calls being present in "End Frigate Constellation," to the fourteen minute instrumental opus "Three Rivers." If The Appleseed Cast has ever been worthy of your attention before, Middle States is well worth the return trip to their melodic world once again. You can purchase Middle States here.

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