Monday, April 18, 2011

Album Review: Circadian Eyes - Who We Were

With "Who We Were", New York-based Circadian Eyes goes for a very feel-good record. Bryan Collins infuses many different elements of music, from many different genres, spanning classical strings to post-rock, with rock and ambiance thrown into the mix. The result is an album that screams hope with every change of tone, and every chord is orchestrated to follow the preceding with a purpose, to create a blend of songs that I found hypnotically beautiful.

"The Days Of Snow", the second track off the album, hearkens back to those younger, more innocent times. With the variety of range in a solo piano introduction, it has a way of denoting innocence, causing the listener to reflect upon youth, whether they were joyful or sorrowful. As the song progresses, it gets louder, stronger, more powerful, building and creating a strong yet lighthearted air, until it hits a point where that begins to die away, and the introduction is repeated, yet adapting it with a cheerful, more buoyant finish.

Meanwhile, "Goodbye", the sixth track on the album, adopts more of a melancholy air. With quiet synth echoing throughout, the song is mostly piano playing a sad tune. Still inspired by hope, however, the synth fades at the end and leaves the piano alone, ending in a solo resolution of the song, allowing the listener to experience the hope musically, still feeling slightly sad, but providing a bit of closure.

Overall, Circadian Eyes is an interesting record. With elements of post-rock and ambiance, I'm not too sure how anyone else would pull it off. However, Collins does a fantastic job of making the album a strong listen, never straying far from the path he sets the listener on - to see his vision of a hopeful tomorrow. With an individual sound and a strong release, Circadian Eyes definitely deserves some props.

You can stream and download the album at the Circadian Eyes bandcamp here.

Track Listing:
1) Who We Were
2) The Days of Snow
3) Life In Slow Motion
4) Searchlights
5) Miles Away, She Sleeps
6) Goodbye
7) Astronauts
8) Reaching Hands
9) We Felt Time Pass
10) And We Carved Our Names Into the Trees

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