Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Orphan, the Poet

The Orphan, the Poet's sound doesn't stand so well on its' own. It can easily be mistaken for other bands in their genre. Fans of Saosin's musicianship and Ben Jorgensen's (Armor For Sleep) vocals will have no problem appreciating TOTP. Despite their unoriginal sound, their lyrics make up for it. They are creatively complied into honest, emotional songs and seem to have surface meanings but come off so much more emotional once they are sang out loud by vocalist, David Eselgroth. With all that being said I highly recommend these guys because like I've said multiple times before, fans usually lean towards what they're familiar with. TOTP are following up their debut EP, In Brevity, with Translating, which is due to be released May 31st. The band will be releasing a new song this Tuesday on their Facebook.

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