Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Pattern Traced- I'm Calm, The Storm Is Coming

Jon Callender definitely topped his last album with his latest EP, I'm Calm, The Storm is Coming. Everything about this album is cleaner; the vocals are crisp, the synth beats are sharper and the lyrics are more mature. This EP is a lot more personal and Callender tones down the wit we experienced on his last release, Lessons in Leaving. Callender throws around the topic of death on two tracks. "Need Help" covers wanting to fight for your life even when it's close to end. "Die Alone" explores the topic of the political world and Callender sings "I rather die alone, than be living a lie." He makes it very clear he'd rather die a painful death than to ever be like someone in politics. The EP is brought to an end with "What Keeps You Awake". The vocals are the best I've ever heard them and it shows a softer and more serious side of Callender. This track makes me wish the entire EP was arranged this way. I'm Calm, The Storm is Coming makes the wait for his next release seem even farther away. We can only hope Callender delivers with The Artful Abortions Of Sound. You can download this EP here.

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