Friday, April 1, 2011

Cut Copy

In the Pitchfork scene, Cut Copy's Zonoscope was one of the most hyped albums of the first three months of 2011. Not knowing any of their songs, the hype drew me in for a listen. Just minutes after hearing "Take Me Over", I had downloaded the whole album. Well, once I finally controlled my legs from the dancing fever the track gave me. The whole album is full of some extremely fun synth-pop tracks, and the hooks throughout the album are excellent. This album deserved the BNM it got from p4k, and you can stream the full album here.


  1. Love CUT COPY!

    Stream PBJ’s Gimme Some!

    Just got the LP in the mail! You can check out the whole record here:

  2. I can get behind this. Very solid album.

  3. I love this album. and whoever anonymous is ...OMG I am IN LOVE with the new PBJ album, sooo good

  4. Thinking of doing a feature on it. I need something to do. I haven't given it too deep of a listen, but it sounded great from what I heard. "Second Chance" is so catchy.