Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Groundbreaking Ceremony

Let me clear things up. "What The Hell Is A Jiggawatt" isn't a Four Year Strong ripoff. The song was recorded before the song title was announced. Anyways, don't expect anything groundbreaking from The Groundbreaking Ceremony. But you know you will get some fun, upbeat, and intense pop-punk music. The vocals may not be sweet at sugar, but they are definitely smooth as butter, while the drumming is vicious and definitely a highlight of the musicality of the band. "What The Hell Is A Jiggawatt" was a perfect choice to give away as a free download, with the catchiest chorus on the album, as well as showing that they can move away from simple song structure by adding some tempo changes and some more sophisticated riffs. The song can be downloaded here, and the EP can be purchased on Amazon here.

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