Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jukebox: Virt - "Staring At My Spaceship"

Jake Kaufman (better known as Virt) just may be my favorite musician in the chiptune community; his work, in all honesty, transcends musical boundaries, in my opinion. No track of his, however, is as dear to my heart as "Staring At My Spaceship," a moving ode to love, wonder, and beauty--at least that's how I see it. Though it was written way back in 2007, it still feels new every time I hear it: the track opens with vaguely cosmic synthesizer melodies that soon make way for a blend of energetic strings, fruity piano asides, and adorable chip melodies. The real showstopper is the climax of the track, which is an absolute blast-off the likes of which you have probably never heard in your life.

Oh, and should I mention that he wrote this song for his then-bride/now-wife Kristi? Swoon.

Stream/download the track here, and please take a moment to check out his awesome site, which features literally hundreds of free downloads.

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