Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artist of the Day: At the Drive-In

Can post-hardcore devotees truly be post-hardcore devotees if they haven't heard At the Drive-In? I thought so for awhile, and still don't find the idea to be too ridiculous. However, having heard The Relationship of Command for the first time today, I can see why the album's so legendary within the genre's fanbase. Cedric's rough vocals, the infectious hooks at hand and the album's surprisingly simple structures paint such a different picture than The Mars Volta's general persona. It's really interesting to hear what Cedric and Omar were up to before they embarked on their progressive journey, which is why At the Drive-In's more straight-forward nature is refreshing. It's nice to hear the duo drop the pretense, and to play something that isn't head-scratchingly inaccessible. 
So, bottom line: those who haven't heard The Relationship of Command should look into the album tonight. It's surprisingly forward-thinking for 2000 post-hardcore, and if this isn't incentive enough, check out one of my favorites from the record.

"Invalid Litter Dept."

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