Friday, February 8, 2013

Artist of the Day: iNTRiKeT

We musicians all have our aspirations, but there's something special about those of us who actually deliver. Josh Frazer is one such example, taking influence from his favorite dubstep producers and then channeling the energy into something distinctly his. Frazer, a.k.a. iNTRiKeT, has given followers small tastes of music over the last year, but late 2012 finally saw a full-fledged release from the producer.

The Woods is as soothing as it is stirring, as it moves from the easygoing interludes to the anxious heart of the album. This versatility is why the release stands out to me as much as it does, even though I haven't heard it in awhile. Maybe I'll change that tonight.

Check out iNTRiKeT on Facebook here.

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