Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artist Of The Day: When Our Time Comes

Imagine taking the savage breakdowns associated with metal-core, the dense atmospheres crafted by post rock bands such as Russian Circles, then combine it with the progressive elements of acts like Protest the Hero. If you can picture the above conglomeration of styles, you’re already close to imagining what When Our Time Comes’ debut EP Test the Waters sounds like. Hailing from a music college in London, When Our Time Comes ambitiously combine influences and splice genres to create an EP which transcends simple classification.

Similarly to Ian Kenny of Karnivool fame, vocalist Joe Carter-Hawkins consistently stretches his vocal chords to the limit without ever resorting to the throat rending screams which comprise so much of metal and its sub-genres. “We’re Here for a Reason” sees him excel by adopting a powerful, soaring delivery throughout; before reining it in to softly guide the song and the EP to a fitting conclusion. The guitarist’s contributions are unsurprisingly prevalent throughout, and typically crunching lead riffs vary from dense cacophonies of sound to intricate lines which solo around the rest of the rhythm section. Elsewhere, drummer and driving force Dom Hope maintains the intensity throughout by relentlessly challenging the rest of the band for superiority, with an energetic display complemented by an array of interesting fills.

Just like their music, When Our Time Comes’ are driven by progression and they've wasted no time in following up their debut EP by touring and writing new material. With a new full length album due to be recorded in little under a month, they’re certain to make a big splash within the metal scene in 2013, and you can check out their debut EP right here on their Bandcamp page.

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