Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Artist of the Day: Foals

It's probably pretty safe to say that Oxford-based quintet Foals have made something of a name for themselves. Their debut, Antidotes, can in all likeliness be entirely blamed for thousands upon thousands of now 20-something indie kids. The unique blend of naive energy and tight, math-rock style was eagerly lapped up by both press and public, inspiring a love for indie not seen since the peak of Bloc Party's own fanfare. The band soon followed with Total Life Forever, a leap into maturity so drastic that the two albums are often referred to as completely separate eras in the band's discography, named pre-beard and post-beard respectively in reference to the frontman's choice of facial hair. Total Life Forever introduced electronic elements, a focus on progression and an all-round dreamier palette. The opposite side of Antidote's frantic coin.

In little under a week Holy Fire will be released. We'd never dream of listening to the leak here at Muzikdizcovery, so we can only guess that the album might possibly be more experimental, less focused, possibly a little patchy yet still pretty excellent. That's just a guess, though. As stated: we'll be waiting for the official release.

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