Monday, February 25, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Mutrix

Continuing in the vein of Free Music February, Mutrix is an EDM artist who releases all of his music for free (much like the previously featured Project 46). Part of the burgeoning "brostep" movement in America, Mutrix is quite good at the various styles in which he participates, be it electro house, dubstep, or glitch hop. He's sure to be quite a polarizing artist given that he's very much got a stereotypical "bro" sound to him - listen to "Moments" and you'll see what I mean. However, of all the artists who embody the recent trend, Mutrix is one of the most technically sound and interesting. His remix of Krewella's "Killin' It" is a great example of what he can do, as it's one of the most exciting house releases of recent memory with its excellently minced vocal samples, interesting synth lines, and general fun factor. Mutrix has become very popular over the last couple months, and I predict that if the current trends in EDM continue he will soon become an Adventure Club-esque genre mainstay. For now, though, enjoy the free music he offers.

Facebook/Twitter (His music is all offered for free on his Facebook page)

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