Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free Music February: Wolfman Conspiracy

Eight-person ensemble Wolfman Conspiracy may hail from the frigid coasts of Massachusetts, but its music absolutely brims with warmth; throughout its latest EP, AntiVamp, it packages socially-conscious ruminations in poignant human stories and an immediately inviting atmosphere. Though a reggae band in name and style, it plays with the attitude of a punk-rock band, and fans of either genre will find plenty to like here.

The bombastic, jazzy instrumentation is led by Alex Drenga's rowdy guitar licks and brass trio Kathryn Rapacki (trombone), Taryn Patricia (trumpet), and Ryan Geoffrey Emken (saxophone). Meanwhile, guitarist and lead vocalist Dom Mazzoli wields a bombastic, emotive voice effective in delivering both youthful declarations of frustration on "Explosions" and angry indictments of a cruel society on "Cogs In The Machine" (the latter of which is absolutely visceral, loaded with pounding drumbeats and some of the most effective usage of gang vocals I've heard in years); better still, he understands that resentment and optimism aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Even in the midst of delivering morbid sentiments, his voice is tinged with hints of sunlight. The difference is small, but it makes Wolfman Conspiracy's music even more relatable.

And ultimately, that relatability is the band's strongest attribute: its strongest empathizers may be the disenfranchised, but the insights found within are ones all of us can find some truth in. That the band has the musical clout to make sobering truths cathartic--and dare I say joyful--is icing on the cake.

Download AntiVamp for FREE on the band's Bandcamp page and find more about them on their official page.

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