Friday, February 1, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Spencer Pope

Little have we covered jazz on MuzikDizcovery; it's simply not one of those genres that surfaces to much acclaim in popular music nowadays, unfortunately. However, Spencer Pope may have changed that, with the debut of his album. In terms of genre mixing, The Dark, The Light might be the coolest thing to have surfaced in a couple of years; on "A Big Totoro," Pope takes the 70's saxophone, organ, and guitar heavy funk sound, and mashes it up with shoegaze, producing an incredibly unique instrumental crossover. Meanwhile, "Haribo" gives us bossa nova in half-time, with definite shoegaze influence, which turns out to be a combination that couldn't be more relaxing. Pope turned jazz and ambient, essentially opposites on the genre scale, and brought them together in the ingenious marriage that is The Dark, The Light.

To check out the full album, and see what other jazzy/lo-fi influences Pope concocted, check out his Bandcamp page.

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